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Thank you for your interest in auditioning your voice! Please send your contact info using the form below. That will help reduce spam. Simply check the role(s) you’re interested in. You can also enter a URL for samples of your previous work if you want. Do not upload any files.

This is non-paid, but credit will be given. In this first episode, the characters only have lines in a few short scenes at most, so this should only be a small time commitment for now. We’ll see what happens!!

You’ll need to record the lines using your own gear, unless we can make other arrangements. I’ll provide direction over Zoom. The recording(s) will be the property and copyright of gotlerTech, LLC (a.k.a. gotlerMedia), with all rights reserved. The script includes some mature themes and tends to be satirical.


Here are short character tests for two of the major roles. If you apply and are serious, I can send you a link to a full scene.

David Character Test
Chiraz – Character Test

Production Stills

Here are some early production stills, all subject to change, of course 🙂

Character Descriptions

Here are descriptions of the characters (subject to change and might not make it into a final cut):

  • David – A successful rabbi in his 50s. He is Caucasian and has a soothing, resonant voice. (major role)
  • Chiraz – An attractive Arab-American woman in her 30s who is a community leader. She is married to Hassan, is highly educated and sharp-tongued. (major role)
  • Kevin – The priest at a Catholic Church. He is Caucasian, in his 50s-60s with a gentle nature, and suffers from anxiety. (major role)
  • Customer – An adult Arab-American male. He has a scene that requires a range of emotion – from domineering to humorous to gentle. (major but probably non-recurring role)
  • Hassan – The husband of Chiraz. He is an Arab-American in his 40s and friendly. (minor role)
  • Realtor – A Caucasian adult female with a perky attitude (a mild Southern accent would be nice) and a little impatient. (minor role)
  • Althea – An African-American woman in her 60s. (minor role)
  • Psychiatrist / Psychologist – An adult male with a professional demeanor. (minor role)
  • Waitress – A young Arab-American woman who works for Hassan. (minor role – only has a few lines. Whoever voices Chiraz could also voice her.)
  • Jerome – A tech-savvy young African-American man (very minor role – only a few very short lines)

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Thank you for your time!
Steve Gotler

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